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Re-Entry Program

Bread of Life Evangelistic Outreach is a Christ-centered non-denominational church founded in 1990 by Reverend Mary Frazier, Senior Pastor.

The church provides guidance for many in the community who are under siege...

We provides a New Beginnings Supportive Reentry Guidance Program. This program will offer first steps of re-entering society and maintaining a clean and sober living.

The Objectives:

Provide spiritual guidance where formerly incarcerated men and women feel welcomed and supported in their transition to becoming independent members of the community.

To offer men and women opportunities for education, job training and skill-building to prepare them for self-sufficiency, and to become leaders in the community.

Serve as a community advocate for the rights of formerly incarcerated people and their families.

Client Services Provided:

Spiritual guidance when in or out of jail or prison

Job referrals and help with General Assistance (GA) applications

Referrals to community services and assistance/advocacy to navigate systems

Assistance in accessing 12-step recovery programs


Clients will learn budgeting skills, social skills and personal empowerment, all designed to facilitate their self-sufficiency, and to prepare them for transition to independence and freedom.


We believe that spirituality is an important part of successful living,  so we include service to help our clients grow in their faith of their choice.



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